Indian Bull
These Bulls are strong and muscular. They have thicker bones with sturdy body and muscular neck. They have bony head and protective ridges.
HF Cows
Holstein Heifers Cows are reckoned for outstanding quality of milk and high milk yielding capacity. They are red and white or black and white in colour typically weighing around 680-770 kg (1500-1700 pounds). 
Jersey Cow
Jersey Cows are light brown in color weighing around 400 to 450kgs. They are one of the highest yielding cows. They come with no calving problems. 
Mehsana Buffalo
Mehsana Buffaloes are easy to rear and maintain breeds. We provide healthy and high-quality buffaloes that are reared in durable sheds. They are properly vaccinated to ensure healthy life. 
Sahiwal Cow
Sahiwal Cows are one of the best cows to rear for milk production. They yield fat rich milk and also adapt to any kind of climatic conditions.